Bridal Flower Bouquets In Inverness

We want your wedding flowers to be tailored precisely so they become as unique and as elegant as you will be on your special day.

When you come in for your wedding consultation, we will listen closely to what colours, style, and look you want us to create for you. We can also advise on what colours and varieties of flowers will be readily available for that particular season to help achieve your dream bespoke design.

We offer a range of vases, pedestal stands, archways and trees. All of which can be hired out and adorned, keeping your costs to a minimum, yet maximising the impact at your chosen venue without compromising on style.

From corsages to stunning bouquets, from grand pedestals to cake flowers, we will endeavour to cover all aspects of your flower requirements to decorate the day to perfection with your chosen blooms.

Price lists are available upon request, and are for use as a guide only. If you would like a more individual quotation, then please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us for a free consultation where we can further discuss your requirements.

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